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Dec 21, 2009

Poem # 18 I, Your Heart

I, Your Heart  ♥

You find solace in the sound of my beating;
My calming rhythm, my adaptation to your heating;
I keep you walking the tightrope of Life
I’m the reason you can bleed if you’ve been hurt in strife.
I’m why you fall in love, why you hurt, why you grin
I’m why you want more, why you cry, why you sing a hymn,
I’m the root of your existence,
And you overlook me with no resistance,
Though I know to me you’re oblivious
It’s nice to see that my effect is obvious.
But lately I’ve been thinking about how much I mean to you.
I mean, you hurt me a lot and leave me in rue.
And yet I continue to slog and pump your blood,
I continue to hold the burden of you life and your mud,
But I get the brunt of your work, not you,
Whose life are you trying to screw?
You break me with every guy,
You break me when you kill a fly.
I give you blood. I give you love.
I give you sensation and emotion and all else above.
I fashion your mobility, your choice, your sake,
And yet all you give me is painful heartbreak.


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