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Dec 21, 2009

Poem # 19 Erased


What would it be like for the grass of forests?
Only I would know for I’ve once been eroded.
Only I could tell because I’m raw to the emotion.
Only I could say that it’s poisonous as potion.
What would it be like for a sprinkling hose?
Only I would know for I’ve disappeared,
Saturated into the air through which the sun seared,
Droplets slowly evaporating like they feared.
I compare myself the most, right now,
To the light grey lines of charcoal or pencil,
Obliterated so easily by blocks of rubber,
No trace remains of my substance or stencil.

I don’t want to be erased for I’m made to be viewed by Man.
I don’t want to disappear for I’ve made my present a good Plan.
I don’t want to be forgotten because I want to be loved,
And if I were to vanish, I’d rather be -down a cliff- shoved.
I need an identity because I am a part
Of those good old traditions which because of me, start.
I want a fixed factor because I’ve worked so hard
To not be a stranger in a world of difference and lard.

So keep your word, why don’t you understand?
To be accepted truly I need your damn hand!
You promised that I’d live on until the end,
But now I’m crying for a miraculous Godsend!
Because you can’t save me,
Because you can’t be right,
Because you can’t be true,
Because your promises aren’t bright,
I’m withering away into the sickening night,
With not a drop of humanity in me to help me fight.


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