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Feb 28, 2010

27) Can't Write You My Heart

When I dreamt that I could say the words
That would've healed the wounds of humanity
My mouth dried up and I looked away,
So much for my intelligent sanity.

Though I thought I could mend my broken heart
I ran out of gauze and Band-Aids,
I couldn't express the way I felt well enough,
Now my happiness slowly fades.

Neither with ink nor words embossed with light
Can I seem to write you my heart
As if my lake of words I could've said has dried,
My world wouldn't have blown apart.
Why aren't my words good enough
To show how your gaze is so rough?
Why aren't I your first choice, tell me that,
Why do you keep cringing from my voice?
Please tell me you want me, and if you don't,
I'm ready to leave and just go
Please tell me if you're using me,
I won't be mad - I just want to know!

As ten thousand ships of belief pull away,
I wonder whether my attitude and I should stay,
Because I feel so cold underneath the skies so grey
Let the words I can say come, amen, I pray.


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