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Mar 21, 2010

28) Slashes on My Wrist

The searing pain I feel across my chest
Is all your fault;
Tears are beginning to glaze my eyes,
Black drops on the asphalt
And by the end of the night
I know I'm going to lose this fight
With my own will and my own ways
Because I've been thinking for days and days and days-

Is this really what I want, the pain?
Do I want to feel hurt all over again?
Isn't it better to end such reckless insanity?
When you told me, my eyes did rain
Tears of fear and hopeless on the terrain
Left me wondering, is this your charity?

I would never want you to go like this,
Sad and crying that you I'd terribly miss
But this darkness - it won't stop mobbing me.
I know there's a way to stop the ripping in my chest,
Sorrow can get to the best of the best
Blood is clouding all I could see.

Distract me from this emotional backlash;
Sharp blades I see; a hidden stash-
Just one swipe and it'll all be gone
(The pain, the hurt, the sorrow)
Words adorn the base of my wrist
Want infiltrates my mind like mist
Not caring what you think, I reach and slash-

And when it's over I won't feel again,
Your presence keeps me sane
Now that you're going to go away
I won't be here to play.


T♥R said...

Oh Ash ='(

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