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Mar 27, 2010

29) Something's Not the Same

It seems like we've been walking on a line
Made of darkness and decline
And formed with shapes and ideas and speech
We were just too blind to see.

There's been a hand squeezing our hearts,
So all that bleeding happiness departs
And maybe it's something in the air, a disease-
A tormenting black plague never to cease

Can you tell by the way the light bends away
That there is darkness, there is something wrong,
Someone's not living their song.
Do you feel it as I do, the clouds emerging to rain today
Days stretch too far and too long
Our faces sit dull, masked and oblong.

Looking beside me I see a thousand tears,
And behind me, there's nothing but glazed eyes and flattened ears!
In the mirror, I can't help seeing the same,
The greetings of the season are here in God' name...

You and I, standing in a world that's plagued by
A kind grip that tells me things are going to change,
Days pass by, you and I, we stand by each other
Knowing that there's something,
Just something,
Like a little word
Or a rogue emotion,
A star not in motion,
A blinding potion,
An impulsive notion,
Something's just not the same,
Something's just not the same.


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