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Aug 23, 2011

Happy House, in the Rain

Through the falling leaves
A history comes alive at the sight of these tall walls
And with the gravel under my feet
I remember this is where my identity began to form;
Chivalry's endangered
But here is its sanctuary;
Love is mutilated,
But here is its tributary.

And now that I'm home 
You can't chase this darkness out of my heart,
Like death on a winter rose
You can't go back to the start.

With every pang of heartache
I remember you
I remember the place
I remember the love;
The flower in the hair,
The insoles and the heels,
The Wingwoman's work,
The singular hoot I made,
Oh the silent dinners
We just looked at each other
Jumping on the bed
In happiness; I said
Things in so many secret chits
That I probably shouldn't have said
Ran through gravel in my heels
And now these feet won't give me rest,
Got to know a friend
Got make so many new friends,
Got to feel my heart beat like the drums at Lupercal
With the drumsticks controlled by other personnel;

I'm glad you all came
Into my life; and in my heart you'll stay,
These memories won't die
As long as you'll always be there.

Dedicated to all the Doscos, and my PWSians <3


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