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Feb 28, 2011

The Only Glue Is A Miracle

In the morning, I open my eyes
And the one I think about first is you;
From when the sun rises to when it sets,
I'm fully conscious, but only with you;
Though there's an artwork of emotion,
Only one person remains in my heart, and it is you.
You're the one who dominates my thoughts,
You're the only one I search in the crowd for,
You're the one who's words mean the most,
You're  the one who's compliments leave me sore;
And it's fun to be angry at you
Because I hate your kingdom in my chest-
I hate that you rule my consciousness,
Hate that you are only tolerable, at best,-
It's ironic how though you are interlaced in my thoughts
Though you are ever-present in my emotional sine-curve
You're the only reason I weep to myself,
The only reason I feel that a real friend is what I do deserve.
Just glancing your way makes a pain shoot through my arms
And makes it impossible to contain the heavy tears,
It becomes hard to control that massive dam of angst
That has grown more burdensome, come the years.
The weight of the beauty you destroyed
Left to carry on my own weary shoulders-
You may have replaced a good ideal with another,
But the crumbs are for me to pick up, my troublesome boulders-
It's so easy for you to say
'If only we had more time'
But time won't wait for you,
You need to make the existing sublime.
Though you are a daily visitor in my heart,
You are the only reason I frown,
You are the only reason I cry,
You are the only reason I fall down.

And now you've lost me to the world
And I hope the loss hits you deep.
Now the only reason you dominate my soul
Is because my love for you is asleep
And like it is with death,
Only magic can bring it to life,
And you're noone special
I know you cannot fix this strife.

Feb 26, 2011

Angels On Earth

She's that silent serendipity
That friend I never found
She's that coin of gold lost in the sand
Of the desert the mirages surround
That hope in the chasm of dark,
That pole star in the skies stark,
The subtle curve in the body of an arch,
The scent of grass in an evergreen park,
She's in my heart, if not in my sight,
Brilliance as blinding as white light,
Beauty as prominent as red is on white,
An aura as golden as the sun would be at night.

Clever fingers to beckon at your thoughts,
Words that let fall your hurdles
An air of power that softly sighs
While the strength of her decision curdles

She knows what to say when the others prefer the silence,
Some conditioner, and she untangles the labyrinth of your thoughts
It's not hard to see, to sense, to feel
That she is a work of art that a Renaissance artist carefully wroughts

Near or far, on ground or not,
She could make an angel fall
Because it's today, at 12, that I know what she means
To those around her, in a world this small,
It's with this midnight chiming that one would realize
The gift that stands amongst us, serenely beautiful and proudly tall

Feb 7, 2011


With fascinating you watch as
The slime slips from a child's finger
The joy it brings him on his quest
To hold a toy that would never linger;
His meek attempts to hold on to it
Remind you of your heart's efforts
To forget the love of a friend you cherish
Who walked away with a silence to ascert.

Oh, you recognize that hollow pain
That fills up the cavity in your chest,
And you seem to know the darkness that
Has set up in your head a comfortable nest-
Aware of all that leaves you
With every passing second of the day
Failing attempts at smiling and positivity
Be it as it may.

It's like a chasm of water
And you're sucked under the surface
The water overwhelms your lungs
And you feel yourself slowing that pace,
That easy breathing smothers,
And that happiness you felt is gone
For the ones you could once count on
Have left you to walk alone, on and on.


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