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Feb 7, 2011


With fascinating you watch as
The slime slips from a child's finger
The joy it brings him on his quest
To hold a toy that would never linger;
His meek attempts to hold on to it
Remind you of your heart's efforts
To forget the love of a friend you cherish
Who walked away with a silence to ascert.

Oh, you recognize that hollow pain
That fills up the cavity in your chest,
And you seem to know the darkness that
Has set up in your head a comfortable nest-
Aware of all that leaves you
With every passing second of the day
Failing attempts at smiling and positivity
Be it as it may.

It's like a chasm of water
And you're sucked under the surface
The water overwhelms your lungs
And you feel yourself slowing that pace,
That easy breathing smothers,
And that happiness you felt is gone
For the ones you could once count on
Have left you to walk alone, on and on.


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