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Aug 20, 2010


It doesn't feel like the world anymore
The sun's gone and my eyes are sore,
I had nobody but you,
I only ever had you.

Though I know you're still there
Across the desert somewhere,
I don't know you,
I don't remember you-

If I can't hear your voice again,
Or see the expression on your face again,
There's a pregnant pause,
I can't shatter it with applause.

All this while I've been seeing the rainbow,
Without knowing that there'll never be a pot of gold,
Seeing but never believing,
To myself the lies I sold.

Now there's just holes,
My deluded paroles,
I try to fill them in,
But the effort feels like sin,
You know I can't ever move on, so why
Do I even try?


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