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Jul 5, 2011

If This Summer Was All I Had

It doesn't bother me that I am 
Confined to these four walls;
There's just a window, tall and bleak,
And I watch as raindrops fall.

This may be the last summer that I have
But I can't muster the strength
To make it worth the time and the fun
It deserves at such length.

And I see you all having the time of your life,
I see you all touring the world every week,
And I ask myself "Why have they left me behind?
Why is my own summer so bleak?"

But a prisoner can't beg for good food,
A caged bird can't demand to see the Alps,
A trapped miner can't ask for fresh air,
A cornered mouse can't plead with a please.

So I'll sit here and love my four walls,
I'll sit here and enjoy the view of the window
And I'll conjure the strength to pretend
That this solitary confinement isn't at all dull and low.


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