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Dec 24, 2009

Poem # 23 Fighting Temptation

Fighting Temptation

There’s a promiscuous woman inside me
She’s calling your name again and again,
She’s flicking her hair to the breeze,
Swaying her hips in search of men.
Her heart’s match is you, she knows,
She parts her lips to taste your scent
And wanton through her mouth flows,
Her will towards you is beautifully bent.
So she stretches out an arm to feel—

Just the air.
Because you’re so far, far away,
And my heart falls in everlasting dismay
For there’re mountains, earth, water and people
That stand firmly in our way.
And I’ve been told I can have anything later,
You too; but are you willing to wait?
I’m resisting this lust that
Like fire courses through my veins,
Fighting temptation everyday,
Obliterating thoughts of your warm arms around me,
Trying to forget the seductive words you’d say.
Shuddering sorrowfully whenever I wake from dreams
Where the sensation of your lips on mine is gone.


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