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Dec 10, 2010

Let Us Hide

He's delusional to think
That my heart doesn't flutter in glee
When he holds me close.
There's so much I could say
Every single day, in his ear,
But I don't, for words are precious.

It seems like people only love
The ones who show them that they need them.
But what about the ones
Who silently fall in love, a tug of the hem?

So let's just embrace the status quo,
And hide our love for the ones we adore,
Because when the time comes
They will realize that we share even more
Than a simple hug, a simple look, a simple laugh,
And that our connection is not simply a chore.

So let's just watch from afar
As the relationships we've worked so hard to build
Fall apart right in front of our eyes
Because someone else seems to be in need of a guild
Made of people who have one track minds.
For once the waters of the chalices are spilled,
There is no use crying over what is gone.
So let us love in silence until the message has been drilled,
Into our minds, like a permanent fixture.
Let us watch the falling apart of relationships
That we've worked so hard to build.


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