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Dec 27, 2010


You can smell it
Almost taste it,
The acrid scent of a new beginning.
Wisps of it draw closer and they're
Intertwining with locks of flyaway hair
And tainted memories are thinning.

You can hear it, that sound
Of destiny turning around,
You can feel the anticipation of nature;
The winds whisper courageously
Of a new direction solidifying solely
Neither a mockery nor a cruel caricature.

You can feel the forgiveness
That rushes to your likeness,
You feel in you the power to forget the past;
It's as if the sea is at your command,
The waves navigate the ship at your demand,
And you guide it from atop a godly mast.

The blood that rushes through your veins
Picks up speed as the wind whips your hair
And stings your eyes, encourages you to forget,
And reminds you that in love, everything is fair.


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