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Dec 6, 2010


For I feel hollow in my mind and my heart,
You know, when you give someone your trust,
And you believe that, though it's not very smart,
It's a friendship devoid of any intentions or lust-

And then he wanders away,
(Away from the land you call your home)
Through the forest that leads to another land as gay,
And oh, you've been left all alone.

It's because you lost somebody
You thought made you feel complete,
The worst is yourself knowing
That the process of it was so discrete,

And you are alone with a mind and heart so empty,
And you are plagued by a vacuous space, wider than any sea,

I fill it with my imagination,
But it only hurts me inside,
I imagine life without you,
In who do I confide?

I imagine with my rampant thoughts
A world that would bring me tears,
Would steal my heart and break it thrice over,
Confirmation of my worst fears.

Who do I trust when I am down?
Who do I hug when I do frown?
Who do I look upon to love me,
Love me unconditionally?


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