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Dec 25, 2010

Empty Promises

Those words try to escape from my lips,
Willpower stops them, oh the damage they'd cause
Oh the hearts they would break, the tears they would induce,
An extended, unfortunate, awkward pause.

But my heart, as it bursts at the seams,
Continues to break into pieces before our eyes
If I could let these words escape, let them run free,
Maybe I could shield us from untold lies:

There are children in Africa in need of food,
Not a scarce commodity, opposite to what is presumed;
Others are busy in their hasty consumption of it,
And in the end, deficiency lets these Africans' souls be pruned.

Our situation is not the same,
But the essence is same in name.

It is you I need, you I depend on,
But you are a scarce commodity, hardly there for me;
Being doled out to the rest of the world,
Empty promises; for my desperation you might not see.

If there were more of you, this world would be utopia,
For you don't rest until everyone is smiling,
But I'd rather you cease promising me eternal aquaintance,
If you cannot give it, if your obligations are piling.

Of strong moral character; oh how could anyone dislike you?
A boon to society, a love never to be lost,
A true friend, a secret love, a guardian angel,
A friend of comfort, the soulmate of riposte...

Promises. "I'm there should you ever need me,
I will never leave, you can count on me, I look thee in the eye."
My heart full of warmth, my eyes shining in admiration,
Little did I know it was all a lie.

Maybe one day,
Our fortunes will take a much-needed turn,
In the meanwhile, patience is a virtue,
To let my heart burn.

It will be amusing to see
When you smell the smoke
And realize the fire is exuding
From that very fragile organ heart you broke.


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