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This is a page (I FINALLY FOUND A WAY TO MAKE IT!) for all my short stories and articles. The main thing to realize is that all these are done at school, so they may not be that good. They explore different points of my mind; some may be fantasy, but others may be about capital punishment and stuff. I post here stuff like

- Narratives
- Descriptive essays
- Persuasive essays
- Informative essays

I shall put up more about this page later on =)
Ash xx


1. Metallic Afterlife - Feb 9 2010

This is a story of afterlife; a girl is reincarnated into a Metallic Afterlife which she thinks is a dream come true from the perspective of her people, but is truly a curse for she cannot feel human anymore. Words: 808

2. Male Role - Feb 8 2010

An informative essay on how far the traditional male role has changed in today's society, in comparison to a woman's stereotypical role. Words: 803


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