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Dec 21, 2009

Poem # 20 Go, Be Happy

Go, Be Happy.

Step up, now, to the looming noose and
Slip your neck through the ropes held loose
And laugh amusedly at the staring crowd
‘Cause death’s only a second away.
Tap your feat in funereal rhythm
Gyrate you hips at the looks you see them
Wearing as you dance along
To your amusedly sad interment song.
Has there been a beauty like you
Who feels freedom at the gates of the blue?
With a soaring heart on the stall of the end
Hold, death is only a second away.
Smirk widely and spread your arms
For you’re gonna fly like you’ve dreamt all along
And up to God and away from your cage you’ll rise
Death’s only a hang away.

Go fly away from human demons
Soar above and away as you see them
Horror struck at your decision of nonexistence
They just haven’t seen your life so far.


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