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Dec 20, 2009

Poem # 2 Thoughts Under Rain

Thoughts Under Rain

Happier are the days that melancholy
Grips your hopeless fears
Though the heart wants to shelter under a brolly
The rain disguises your tears
Your footprints fade away in the rippling puddles
Thunder suffocates your broken sobs
And yet you, tears streaming down your nose,
Find happiness in this despairing, desolate moment
Trudging through the concrete grief-filled rain
Your broken heart caresses the anguish
Tracing its cold lips with its soft fingers
Soon, a whip of love it will brandish.
Sobs are clogged by the lump in your throat
As if your stomach has knotted its way above
Knock kneed, you kneel, clutching at your chest
You shake, but then spreads a warmth you want to call love-
Your tears are drying, you shiver receding,
You subconsciously cringe into a dense human ball in fright;
For this angst and woe is just an umbric shadow
And where this stealthy shadow lies, so does light.
Now laughing, you shake in merciless pleasure
Which will never fade, not today, not tomorrow
With a rush of surprise, your heart will realize
You have just fallen in love with your sorrow.


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