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Feb 2, 2010

11) Sharp Edges

If words were like knives
In the hands of a killer,
Their cut would be sharp
And our bodies would be stiller.
If they could cut with the grace
And the stab of a dagger,
The world would be dead,
Empty even in it's swagger.
If words were like sharp edges,
So easily bringing to skin blood,
Slowly removing a layer of sanity,
Our virtues would be caked in mud.
If every utterance hurt,
If every sentence could kill,
You'd be the only human left
With much secrets to spill.
If words were so sharp,
So shiny, so cruel,
This world would be gone
And crushed into gruel.
If you could hear yourself speak
And spit out venom with every syllable,
The world and you would remain
Eternally immiscible.


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