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Feb 10, 2010

21) Why So Hard?

Every step taken forward,
Is bringing regret closer than ever,
Every glance up norward,
Makes sure that there is no joy, never.
But of course there is,
There is hope in everything.
Hope in all but this.
For moments flit across one's path
Like shadow crossing streets,
Like the moonlight switches objects,
Like hungry lice on beets.
Moments like these break one's armour
And rob them of hope,
Leaving them to mope,
With not a way to cope.
If answers come, we will recover,
But if the don't, the regret will hover,
Haunting us until we give in:
Give in to sheer denial,
Not a hint of luck on speed-dial,
Which is when we will drown to deep,
And aqueous sorrow into our skin will seep.


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