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Feb 5, 2010

15) I'm Happy

No I don't believe in a God
Because I don't want rules to life
Like the morning sun isn't blue
Like a newborn calf doesn't moo
But I'd love to believe
In a God if he set you free
If he doused you in cold water
And forced you to See.

So doesn't it hurt?
Doesn't the pain accumulate-
And run through your blood like cold fire-
Doesn't it kill all your desire,
Didn't He make you see
All the thoughts that plagued me?
For I believe you. I believe you know Him.
For I believe you, even though I don't believe in Him.

And the rush you've made me feel,
All my sorrow just seemed to heal-
And all the hurt that ever lay,
Seems to have been washed all away.
There's just one emotion I taste
One which I feel in much haste
Oh I'm blissful more than I've been before
And you've heard Him; I need no more.

I see a new face behind the same eyes,
I see you pure in your soul,
I see you immune to all the world's lies,
I see no more a gaping hole.
You've been compeleted,
A feat I wanted to help you achieve
But you've done this all by your own,
Your seeds only you have sown.
But I'm happy, oh, I'm happy
More than I've ever been before
This rush I can't pen in words
The ecstacy makes my sorrow sore.

I'm happy,
And you're happy.
And to me that's all I need,
And to me that's damn good a deed.


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