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Jan 27, 2012

Musings Of A Victim to Attraction

Such a fickle, fickle heart
As easily swayed as a balloon in flight,
As easily won as a cause protested right.
Though I'm suffocated by priorities,
I sit at my window, watching the sun rise
The violent orange streaking the sky,
And a heart willing to believe in lies.

A simple act of eye-contact
Can send it racing like a race-horse in a sprint,
Thundering past, a precisely-shot bullet in motion.
Overflowing the restricting boundaries of its precinct.
So easy to trust,
So easy to hurt,
So easy to fall in love.
So difficult to calculate,
So difficult to heal,
So difficult to regain control of the mind and body.

Such a fickle, fickle heart
So coquettish, so secretive, so easily won,
I wish you were a person of your own
So that I wouldn't be tagging along to your acts of fun.
Fickle, fickle, fickle heart
I long for the day we depart
And my mind can overcome
The games you play with me.


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