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Feb 4, 2010

14) Understanding You Part 2

I don't understand what I do wrong,
But help you when you need me to do so,
I help you to keep yourself standing tall
And yet you keep saying that I don't know.
Maybe I don't know,
Maybe you're right to say so,
But maybe I was right all along,
And you were so woefully wrong.
Maybe I care you're getting hurt,
Maybe I care you're getting me hurt,
Maybe I truly undestand, I do,
Maybe I want you to be you.
Because I can feel the spite in you veins
As you succumb to the rush of your pains
And maybe I don't want you to an illusion.
Maybe I want just.
If you want my help tell me so,
If you don't then I can take a "no",
But please don't continue to hurt me.
Don't tell me I tell you how to live,
Don't scorn the suggestions I do give,
Just say it to my face whether you want me
Or don't.


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