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Sep 6, 2012

Love Endlessly

But what if you could
With all the capacity of your heart
Just love the whole world?
Just love the seasons for their scent
Just love your house despite the rent,
Dust out the nooks of your soul
And make room for more connections?
What if I set up a hotel
In the depths of my being
And gave out rooms to everyone
Who looked into my eyes and saw beneath my skin?
What if you didn't have to pay to stay
But I compelled you to be with me
Wherever I go - eternal, immortal?
What if I could love the blades of grass
that languorously sway with morning mildew
And the bedazzling smile of that person
I look out for wherever I go?

People wonder if it's like polygamy
To love so many people
To believe in so many things
To want so much
And to desire even more--
But the limit blurs and the definition becomes hazy
So I ignore the uncertainty and love limitlessly.


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