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Jan 29, 2010

10) But I Do, But I Do

Just because I'm besotted
Doesn't mean I'm in love with you,
Just 'cause I miss you every day
Doesn't mean I'd spend my life with you.
Just because you're my wonderworld
Doesn't mean I'm the one for you,
I say I don't love you,
But I do, but I do.
How do you explain such a crazy feeling,
This tingling of wonder and spice?
Raining down from my wonderous ceiling,
But oh, it feels so nice.
Though I say that I don't need you,
The truth is that I do, oh I do,
I may say that it's crazy to love you
But I do, but I do,
But I do,
Oh I still love you.
Though I'm besotted I'm not in love,
I'm just head over heels for you, for you, for you, for you,
I know I hide it so much,
And deny it as such,
But I do, But I do.
I do love you.

Jan 27, 2010

9) Whirlpool

Only through experiences do we learn,
The complexity with which life can toss and churn,
How the energy of the waves runs down our face,
How in sorrow we are but a black hole in outer space-
And the pluck of this hurt,
That throws itself against our happiness,
An onslaught of anger and grief
Berating our contendedness.

Like the work of the wind,
These emotions war on our happy souls,
Dragging with it's flow: the essence of a smile,
And leaving behind only bleeding holes.
Like a disease, a virus, a breakthrough,
Sadness erodes all peace.
We can only hope for the famine to cease,
For you to embrace happiness,
Yet you're too far gone,
You tell me so with your snappiness.
Your whirpool blackens,
And walls crumble.
Your whirpool strengthens,
And hopes tumble.
Your whirpool wins,
And birds flee,
Your whirpool dies,
And we cry in glee.

8) There's Always Hope

To you there's no hope, no,
But I understand,
How things might be getting
A little out of hand,
Without a shoulder to weep on,
Without a bed to sleep on.

To you the world is black and white,
Yet I understand
How you only see grey
Because you need a helping hand,
But you're recovering from a fall,
That's all I want, yes, that's all.

You may be right, but I know you're wrong,
Your heart will never stop singing a song
To lure Hope to your side and she'll come,
Just believe me.
You may lose your head and think you'll die
From this pain that tells you life's a lie,
But there's always Hope,
You'll see.

Jan 24, 2010

7) Spare Me That Frustration

Why don't you ever get it,
Pain is not the answer.
It's the question,
The answer is "no".
It's not the solution,
Not the means by which you'll be better.
It's a maddening lure
To which you say "no".

You must enjoy it,
Hurting yourself so vehemently,
Until the blood from your body vanishes,
Huddled in a pool on the floor.
You must be so relieved,
To inflict pain for reasons nonexistent,
To hurt all those who ever believed
That you had it in you to be strong and let go.

Go on. Hurt yourself.
I won't be an obstacle anymore.
I'll let you live in your pain,
Even if it's a crime to do so.
Like the spread of a single spore,
Hurt your body, feel the sore,
Believe in your ignorant core,
Live in your pain galore.

Jan 18, 2010

6) The World Has Just Begun

Let it be done, let it die,
Let it all crumble to dust,
Let all meaning become a lie,
Let us only recognize if we must.
Let it die, let it die,
So no one sees the dead and gone sigh,
Let it waste, let it die,
So our world climbs high...

How could we let it waste away,
The beauty of this life?
Murder and an escapade
In one breath; so hard to defy,
To throw it all away,
I'll tell you it's a crime,
I'll tell you it's a crime.
Bringing back what's gone is pain,
We don't want to live the past again,
Strewn with such a fairytale,
Tales that make our face pale.

Let life go by so fast,
Let the winds beat a tattoo on our mast,
Just subconsciously letting fate
Have it's way....
Letting destiny do what it does,
So we aren't so much a fuss.
But we waste away, we see clovers,
Letting destiny take over.

5) Don't Cry Tears

Though I'm smiling,
When he bids me farewell,
A life without him well,
I'm crying.
Though I'm smiling,
When he ends my world,
Leaves me when I'm being whirled,
I'm crying.

Oh no you don't see my weep,
You just see my grinning face,
Telling you what you did, wasn't a waste.
You just see my smile,
Like I accept what you do,
But no one sees me cry....

Because I don't cry tears,
I don't let myself weep,
Even though I hurt myself so deep.
I don't cry, I don't cry tears,
There's just death and hope leaking from my eyes,
And I still seem so wise.

You see me smile,
You see me laugh,
You see me accept your wish like it isn't breaking my heart,
You see me jump,
You see me hug,
You see me ready to let the world fall apart,
But I'm crying, though you don't see,
I've run out of tears...
I'm crying and only I know,
Because all you see me is leaking air from my eyes.

Tears are gone,
No more song,
And all you see me do is smile.
But I cry,
Tearless I sigh,
Wondering if I'll make it through a while.

Jan 16, 2010

4) Escapism

Ever needed to escape time?
Ever needed to walk the lifeline?
The end is on your mind,
Loneliness is all you can find.
Ever needed to wait things out?
Ever needed to slowly die out?
Guess all the stories are true,
When in mind, there's nothing more to do
But to break out and fly over the edge
Leap down the Holy Ledge
Fly and fly and fly,
Fly like there's no tomorrow.
But to dream of all those dreams stuck in the hedge,
To dream a lonely dream, the only pledge
To fly and fly and fly
Fly like there's no tomorrow,

Time will work things out.
Time will carry us through this endless game.
Time will help us, it will help us,
Or so I hope that it's not too late.
I need escape, I need to breathe,
I need to fly over the seas.
I need to escape, I need to breathe,
Counter this friction, covered in grease,
Just embracing escapism,
The need to leave the world behind and move on,
Just embracing escapism.

Jan 10, 2010

3) Sands of Time

Sands of Time

What if you felt time slipping through your fingers?
Watching the sand grains drift away,
What if the dismaying regret still lingers?
Laughing at your deep pain.
Though time is turning, you wish you could stop it,
Rewind it and re-live it,
You didn’t know any better at the time
And that’s why you’re begging for more, begging to rhyme.
To do things right
To right all wrongs,
Don’t lose your grasp on the sands of time,
To make the most
Of what you’ve lost,
Live every moment for its all sublime.
Letting go of opportunity
Is the harshest crime you can commit,
If you’d have that one more chance to win,
You’d be on your way to the summit.
Don’t let go of the sands of time,
‘Cause later on it’s you who’ll cry,
Never let go of the sands of time,
Don’t let go of the sands of time.

Jan 6, 2010

2) Abattoir


Abattoir of memories
Hang from the poplar trees
Like strings of spider web
Swaying in the steady breeze.
They are eroded gradually
By the ebb and flow of time
And they fade into the air
Hiding both our loves and crime.
Abattoir of memories
My own pet slaughterhouse
Will remain permanent
As memories will escape like a mouse.
Lovely pain and happiness,
Gone with this abattoir,
Revel in emotionlessness
And a tired sight so noir.
Why but I can break it down
I can surely control Time & raze
Raze the ghosts of my past,
For it’s just too much time cannot erase.
Let the memories linger,
Let the pain stay,
Let it remind me of the past,
Pray that remain, it may.

Jan 4, 2010

1) Restraint


Every night she’d wake and wait
To see him talk to her again
She’d chase away sleep for him, her saint,
And he responded like the cream of men.
He loved her, a rare emotion to feel
For love then was nothing more than sex appeal,
And she loved him until the point she’d reel,
Curling her toes in lust so unreal.

She kept his company every night
Waiting for him to reply
And they talked and talked and hid like spies
To her growing lust he’s willingly comply.
And she gave her his heart, it was all his,
And he took care of it like no one could,
At nights when they couldn’t talk

The world would fall down, it would.

The day he left her for 10 days
For a family holiday to the forests and seas,
Her smile stuck and her eyes faltered,
She was pained to see him so on lease.
She knew he’d be back before the New Year,
Talking to her in her faraway ear,
But she knew there’d be no one on the phone.
For 10 days, she was dancing alone.


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