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Jan 18, 2010

6) The World Has Just Begun

Let it be done, let it die,
Let it all crumble to dust,
Let all meaning become a lie,
Let us only recognize if we must.
Let it die, let it die,
So no one sees the dead and gone sigh,
Let it waste, let it die,
So our world climbs high...

How could we let it waste away,
The beauty of this life?
Murder and an escapade
In one breath; so hard to defy,
To throw it all away,
I'll tell you it's a crime,
I'll tell you it's a crime.
Bringing back what's gone is pain,
We don't want to live the past again,
Strewn with such a fairytale,
Tales that make our face pale.

Let life go by so fast,
Let the winds beat a tattoo on our mast,
Just subconsciously letting fate
Have it's way....
Letting destiny do what it does,
So we aren't so much a fuss.
But we waste away, we see clovers,
Letting destiny take over.


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