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Jan 16, 2010

4) Escapism

Ever needed to escape time?
Ever needed to walk the lifeline?
The end is on your mind,
Loneliness is all you can find.
Ever needed to wait things out?
Ever needed to slowly die out?
Guess all the stories are true,
When in mind, there's nothing more to do
But to break out and fly over the edge
Leap down the Holy Ledge
Fly and fly and fly,
Fly like there's no tomorrow.
But to dream of all those dreams stuck in the hedge,
To dream a lonely dream, the only pledge
To fly and fly and fly
Fly like there's no tomorrow,

Time will work things out.
Time will carry us through this endless game.
Time will help us, it will help us,
Or so I hope that it's not too late.
I need escape, I need to breathe,
I need to fly over the seas.
I need to escape, I need to breathe,
Counter this friction, covered in grease,
Just embracing escapism,
The need to leave the world behind and move on,
Just embracing escapism.


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