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Jan 10, 2010

3) Sands of Time

Sands of Time

What if you felt time slipping through your fingers?
Watching the sand grains drift away,
What if the dismaying regret still lingers?
Laughing at your deep pain.
Though time is turning, you wish you could stop it,
Rewind it and re-live it,
You didn’t know any better at the time
And that’s why you’re begging for more, begging to rhyme.
To do things right
To right all wrongs,
Don’t lose your grasp on the sands of time,
To make the most
Of what you’ve lost,
Live every moment for its all sublime.
Letting go of opportunity
Is the harshest crime you can commit,
If you’d have that one more chance to win,
You’d be on your way to the summit.
Don’t let go of the sands of time,
‘Cause later on it’s you who’ll cry,
Never let go of the sands of time,
Don’t let go of the sands of time.


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