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Jan 4, 2010

1) Restraint


Every night she’d wake and wait
To see him talk to her again
She’d chase away sleep for him, her saint,
And he responded like the cream of men.
He loved her, a rare emotion to feel
For love then was nothing more than sex appeal,
And she loved him until the point she’d reel,
Curling her toes in lust so unreal.

She kept his company every night
Waiting for him to reply
And they talked and talked and hid like spies
To her growing lust he’s willingly comply.
And she gave her his heart, it was all his,
And he took care of it like no one could,
At nights when they couldn’t talk

The world would fall down, it would.

The day he left her for 10 days
For a family holiday to the forests and seas,
Her smile stuck and her eyes faltered,
She was pained to see him so on lease.
She knew he’d be back before the New Year,
Talking to her in her faraway ear,
But she knew there’d be no one on the phone.
For 10 days, she was dancing alone.


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