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Apr 29, 2010

3) Drug

Addiction to a drug,
So intoxicated by his love
For a girl who's mature enough
To handle this drug.

The day is incomplete
Without seeing him one more time,
Without a dream in the night,
The day is incomplete.

Explosions everyday
Yesterday was the perfect voice,
Tomorrow will be the faultless grace,
New person everyday.

Drowning deeper an deeper,
Affection for him climbs steeper and steeper,
My soul's keeper, he's the keeper,
On his drug I'm a sleeper.

Addiction to this drug,
So intoxicated by his love
For the world of change
I'm addicted to his drug.

Apr 25, 2010

2) Incubus

Warmth of the night,
Fingers of hard fire, smoldering,
Across my skin like a burning light,
Intensity such that I quiver with fright.

Real voices, warm, deep, sensual,
The feel of skin in my embrace so tight-
Movement is so rich, so visual,
Something as vivid to me seems unusual;

Illusions flit across like a dream
But they seem so real, sending sensation of sparks-
White beauty upon us both like cream,
Happiness and pleasure might have made me scream;

You truly are an incubus, the dead of dark,
Thoughts of you are like jolts of spark,
And though my eyes stay open for hours at night,
I see you, around me, holding me tight;
A deep inhale of your scent,
The shivered sensations of your voice
The swiftness of your fingers,
Your presence is by my choice.

Apr 10, 2010

1) Hopeless, Helpless

I don't know when,
I don't know why
But my soul went away;
It dissolved with the colours of the wind
On a bright, sunny, happy day.
In crept doubt,
In crept distrust,
Until I couldn't handle it anymore;
I stared out the window to diguise
My eyes, sick and sore.

People come and people go;
Where there's a soul sister by your side,
She won't stay forever, you know.
Moments are fast, emotions are slow,
You can't trust people to always in you confide,
Laughter is sorrow, you know.

Hopeless, helpless,
You watch the world change like seasons,
The beauty of fall defies all reasons,
How can the world be so beautiful when there's sorrow?
Intimate moments
Evaporate like the dewdrops on windows,
Taking the secrets of your heart,
Leaving your home a silent widow.

Hopeless, helpless
Men walk by contented,
How can the world accept your heartbreak?
Pain like this
How can the world overlook it,
How can life go on?

It's just the way things are
Neither in reach nor afar
We were destined to cry...
We were destined to surface
With our hearts on fire
And spread our wings to try and touch the sky.


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