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Jan 3, 2011

Nothing Authentic

Looking into the mirror
Scanning that expression,
A character from a movie:
With the eyes of another,
The lips of another,
The skin of another.
Replicated smile
And a plagiarized laugh
A soul molded by scores of people.
And nothing seems to be authentic.
There is no real beauty on that face,
There is nothing unique
It seems too plain to be real!
The expressions change from bright to bleak;
There is nothing authentic.
Just tesellated repetitions.

And though it brings much sorrow,
And though it perforates esteem,
That tear of disappointment
That cascades down the blotched cheek-
It shines
With the light of authentic thought
And that's all there is.
There is simply authentic thought,
And authentic love,
None of which reflects on the surface.

The surface of the sea
Is all that people see
Only a diver, one of heart
Dares to explore beneath
And in a rusted clam,
In the depths of a coral labyrinth
Does the magnificent pearl lie
Does the understanting lie.

Jan 2, 2011

No title. Tried to make one, but failed.

You didn't have to choose
But you did,
You didn't have to pick,
But you did.
And in conclusion,
You broke someone's heart.
Young hearts can mend easily,
But from a mind, betrayal can never depart.


Big words are so often used-
An 'I love you' tossed here,
A 'you are my life' thrown in there,
Empty words to prevent despair.

Empty words. Empty promises.
A hurtful wastage of an innocent heart,
Made worse by incalculable indifference
A drop of bitter citrus on the tongue: shuddering, tart.

Because we all want somebody to love
And when you have just a singular 'somebody'
It means quite a lot,
But not when to them, you are just 'anybody'.

Betrayal stings like the stab of a knife,
The wound of which is sprinkled with lemon and salt,
It discolours happy relationships,
It lets crumble a stable house into an earthquake fault.

Watching the sturdy brick house of mine
Fall apart
Just because your words deluded me into thinking
I meant to you what you meant to me; but oh, what a kickstart-

Realized just now that the place that meant home
Has thrown me out of its walls.
Realized that the words I thought meant something,
Meant nothing at all.


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