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Mar 3, 2013

Streets at Night

Think of yourself as a figure on a street -
Dressed smartly to combat the wind
With a brisk stride to get home faster
The silence of night is deafening.

Streetlights illuminate your path
But there is a stretch 
An awkward distance between their circles of light
Where the darkness almost consumes you.

It's in the midst of that darkness
That the heart decides to beat faster
Breath decides to come shorter
And swear starts to ooze from the pores.

There are shadows everywhere;
Houses with strange noises and bursts of noise
Hallucinations of footsteps and bad intentions
But in the light they seem to fade.

Every now and then, there's a shorted streetlight
And the darkness stretches to what seems like an infinite distance
An untraversable river of unpredictability
But you walk because running would be admitting you are scared.

But what happens if you feel a hand on your shoulder?
Or there isn't a streetlight for miles to guide your path?
Or the shadows become unnatural and mobile?
Or the the noises become deafening?
Or you lose yourself to the racing heartbeat, short breath and bullets of sweat?

There's something about those shadows and those hallucinations
And those stretches where the light dims
That evoke a feeling of doom so powerful and so potent
The slightest trigger could set you screaming.

Sep 6, 2012

Love Endlessly

But what if you could
With all the capacity of your heart
Just love the whole world?
Just love the seasons for their scent
Just love your house despite the rent,
Dust out the nooks of your soul
And make room for more connections?
What if I set up a hotel
In the depths of my being
And gave out rooms to everyone
Who looked into my eyes and saw beneath my skin?
What if you didn't have to pay to stay
But I compelled you to be with me
Wherever I go - eternal, immortal?
What if I could love the blades of grass
that languorously sway with morning mildew
And the bedazzling smile of that person
I look out for wherever I go?

People wonder if it's like polygamy
To love so many people
To believe in so many things
To want so much
And to desire even more--
But the limit blurs and the definition becomes hazy
So I ignore the uncertainty and love limitlessly.

Jun 10, 2012

No Point of Hoping.

Where is divine providence?
Where is faith and justice and God

When you’re trampled on brutally,
Spat on and prodded maliciously?
I search for the salvation
When I’m crying to myself behind locked doors,
When I’m running from an unjust consequence
That, like a rabid animal, pounces and roars.
Where is that guardian angel
When my blood pools from the knife wound in my chest,
When the pain blinds me, maims me, tames me
Before, half-mad, I lost consciousness and thump to rest?
We preach of faith and hope eternal,
Of justice and righteousness infernal,
But it’s hopeless to smile and pretend we’re saved
Because someone out there just doesn’t care.

Mar 12, 2012

Incandescent Dichotomy

This one's a little long. We were on our way back from camps and at the train station, I looked up to the sky to the sight shown below. For a strange moment, it triggered a lot of suppressed emotions that I've explored in this poem.

A radiating lamp in the night sky,
It watched over us like a mother
And year after year, we've watched
The dark of the night it tried to smother.

I saw the moon as an open book,
Blackened with dust and age,
Pages yellowed by the tinge of memories
Of billions of people filled with rage.

It watched the wars, the world's plight,
And comforted dying soldiers at night;
It watched the theories of science evolve
As the face of our planet continued to revolve.

There was a time when it saw
The face of Cleopatra smiling at its white body,
A time when it scanned the face of the dying children
In the Holocaust, shielded from everybody;
An era when it saw Cro-Magnon man
Transform to homo sapiens with time,
Those millennia when the dinosaurs died
It saw their plight with amusement sublime.

A silent spectator, a selfish celestial entity,
It stood silent as the world changed for the worse
It watched us rob Mother Nature of her wealth
None of which can we ever reimburse.

It's hands are spattered with the screams of the dead,
The triumphant roars of the winners
And the indifferent sighs of the crowd
Most composed of ardent sinners.

Historians with humped backs and grey hair
Devote lifetimes to analysis of text,
But if only they looked at the moon
They would see the history of our people there.

Murderers, thieves, dictators beware--
The moon's eyes have watched you all along.
And though, like a God, it might simply sit back and stare
It saw you as you subjected your society to wrong.

But beggars, well-wishers, do-gooders in all right
The moon watched you suffer and cry
But to save you from your undeserving plight
It did not even try.


It was 4 o'clock in the evening and the sky was red
The sun a jewel hanging low in the expanse of colour overhead
But when I looked back, a dense, dark blanket muffled all colour
The night sky stank of the evil and the dead.

Clouds flew with the wind and white bathed the sky,
The light of the moon brought comfort to human life
And for an instant when I watched it intently
I could see the history of man - the triumphs and the strife.

An open book, an incandescent dichotomy,
Once a child's object of fascination
I saw you as a treasured permanence of my life
But now you seem so dark, evoking an eerie sensation.

Watch me as I make my history,
And my progress as you marked our pathbreakers'.
Laugh at my degeneration,
And ignore my desperation.

Feb 27, 2012

Happy Birthday SB :)

I saw the soaring eagles
In her somber, subdued eyes
Because she spun clothes with strings of faith
Even when she was surrounded by lies.

I saw the murky depths
Of the darkness in her heart;
Even though her smile was bright,
Their artificial nature pierced one like a dart.

I saw the golden glow in her raven mane
A halo visible to those who watched closely
Because she'd leave beauteous happiness
On those who would tend to walk morosely.

I heard the melody in her words,
A ballad of balmy characteristic,
She has a habit of giving you security
When you're tortured by worries mystic.

Your words to me preserved in a diary
I'll keep forever locked in my mind
So when the need arises for me to my wipe pathetic tears,
Comfort will I in your words find.

Congrats on becoming official legal, Sue! I'll never forget how much you've helped me, and all of the crazy conversations we've ever had! 

Feb 25, 2012

Why Do All Good Things Come to an End?

Young to old,
Cherished to sold,
Logs of wood to fire,
Satisfaction to desire,
Lovers to friends,
New beginnings to new ends,
Happiness to sorrow,
Today to tomorrow.

This endless loop, this shattering blow,
This fluorescent desire that seems to glow;
This urge for happiness, crushed with passion
Brutally demolished in such a cruel fashion
Your eyes are open to this decrepit sight;
You can't win against it, not even can you fight.

Plagued by laughter, by the nuances of friendship
By the thought of those you were joint to by hip,
By the grass green and the sun pale yellow,
By the cool mountain wind that carries your bellow,
By cherished memories that fade to grey
By opportunities that walk away.

A sitting duck --- in limbo, stuck,
Running out of veritable luck,
Holding back tears that threaten to descend,
For all good things will come to an end.

Feb 18, 2012

Temptation's Hand.

Through these windowpanes
That I never noticed were so caked in grime,
The outlines of rough images become defined,
Blurriness settling into an ethereal design.
Curtains of shadows flit past
And freeze fluidly in a shape, magnified, tall--
That looks eerily like a beckoning finger.
I turn my eyes away and stare at the wall.
But dust are these perilous pretensions,
That blind my sight when those beckoning shadows appear;
There are moments of piercing clarity
When illusions begin to disappear.

A beckoning finger,
A Siren's hypnotic voice.
Urging me to leave behind responsibilities,
And to turn a deaf ear to the presence of a choice.
A beckoning finger,
Evoking memories of a free world,
Grass as green as emeralds, sky a cerulean blue,
A white flag of freedom, fluttering in the wind, unfurled.

It whispers promises of quenched desires
In the murky depths of sleepless nights.
"Succumb to me," that voice murmurs,
"Fall from your climb to un-scaled heights"

And when that voice disappears, and the shadows at night,
And the mind submits to the grave concentration of life,
Though your climb to commendable heights is almost complete,
But for the last step: a steep hike in the midst of wildlife;
Determination divine, breath strong despite your struggle,
The beckoning finger returns, cutting through it with a knife.


Please tell me if you get the connection between the picture and the poem :)

Feb 7, 2012

Masochistic Tendencies

You can spitefully holler my name
And expect me to kneel at your feet,
You can thrust a silver dagger through my heart,
And I wouldn't mind it, it's true.
You could burn me
But I'd still smile lovingly.
You could hurt me,
But I'd still stare at you singly.

Wretched, cruel, twist in nature
Where there should be burning, red-hot rage
There is the soft, fairy quality
Of love, deep rooted in the book of my life, every page.
You could use me like a miserly tissue
Crumple me and spit on me,
But these silly, stupid masochistic tendencies
Will never become a burgeoning issue.

Feb 6, 2012

Oh, Look. Utopia.

The visions I see, the visions I feel,
Why must they be tinged with fantasy,
And leave me reckless?

They leave me helpless,
A newborn calf standing on her toothpick legs.
Why must I have to taste the flavourless dregs?

Those daydreams take away from me
All semblance of reality
I wake up to a utopia so doctored.

Though behind my eyes, I see a perfect world
In reality, it's laced with famine and disease,
More holes than Swiss cheese.

But in the mountains where the buttery sunlight reigns,
In the sorrowful heart which happiness feigns,
Amidst a field of tulips,
Red, yellow and blue;

In the holy water that runs through rivers deep,
In the fertile soil within which the aromatic rain seeps,
In the eyes of a winner,
Eyes hazel and true...

I pleasure in such a fantasy;
But when faced with such happiness in reality,
Enriched with the belief
I have found utopia.
Under our feet.

Feb 3, 2012

Pulling at the Heartstrings

Rotating the rusted knobs,
Flicking the string,
Five more left to put in.
Five more left until she is human.
Strings are gently knotted, and harshly pulled to the end,
Where she lovingly secures them.
Lovingly, for they have never experienced such gentleness.

One breaks. A flinch drowns her face,
A tear breaks the guarded defense her eye. 
The ghost of the pain
Is too much of a phantom to efface.

The strings,
Were so abused in her body; Before,
When they were in her heart,
They were played, until she was aching and sore.
When they were in her heart,
Her soul suffered so deep an injury,
They snapped, healed, and became bruised.
And she couldn't muster the energy
To tend to them.

Now they are stretched taut on her instrument,
She never had so much control of them as she does now---
Testing, a gentle pulling of a string,
And the air is filled with the sweet sound of shock---
The shrill pitch of euphoria,
Then the bass of sorrow and depression,
The melodious twang of freedom
And the underlying notes of indescribable happiness.

The house was so quiet before,
Mrs Higgins from next door thinks.
It used to be filled with screams of agony.
And now, the windows are tickled pink with beautiful music.
She is tugging at them. At her own heartstrings,
Giving them the love they were denied all along,
Expressing their identity,
Because inside her heart, they were abused and oblong.


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