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Apr 27, 2011

Leaves aren't leaves
If not propped up by branches
And when those branches fall apart,
They come flying to the ground
Trailing in circles,
Drifting with the wind
Always looking, looking, looking...

Like I look.

I look for that happiness
I used to see on your faces
Whenever I'd smile to make you smile.
I look for that relief that was evident
When I'd be with you for a while
When we'd make memories out of nothing;
But the branches have all fallen apart
I'm just drifting in air,
Being carried somewhere, oh I don't know where-
Just drifting, looking,
To see if anyone still cares as strongly as they did.

Maybe I'm just like bread
That depreciates with age
No one cares about it
Past its expiration date.
What if my best-until date
Has gone by
What if the branches have snapped
What if I'm broken and zapped
Just floating in the air
That whips aroudn your hair.

Do they treasure me
Like I treasure them?
I don't seem to know.

Apr 20, 2011


Sometimes I wish
That I could just fall into your arms,
Wide open, forever,
I wish I could just surrender.
I wish what we say to each other
Was our reality
And that the intimacy
Lasted forever.

I wish that the hugs we share
Would quench my longing for you
But circumstances aren't that fair-
Every look between us
Illicits a cartwheel in my heart
And at times, it's hard to differentiate
Between the love I feel for you
And the love I feel for how we are.

And I wish
I could stop wishing for all this;
When you repaint Mona Lisa
It's just not the same, now, is it?
Let's just freeze these moments right here
And hope that it nothing changes this happiness
Between us, this sense of harmony
Because anything more
Would just be unnatural.
I wish for this wish
To be lost in the sea of hopes and dreams
That, if they came true,
Would change us 'til we're bursting at the seams.

Apr 7, 2011

100th Post, Happy Birthday SM!

This is my 100th post on this beloved blog that has helped prop me up and go through a lot. It's a bloodbank of memories and pains and moments that are meant to be etched in my head forever!

I wrote a poem for a close friend of mine, who's birthday was on the 7th, initials: SM

I wrote this for you :)
(on your card!)

You’ve got me wishing we had
More time by our side
Because being your friend                          
Is like a rollercoaster ride:
Everytime I go down and I’m alone
You enter the picture
And the world goes up once more.
Our banter makes me smile
For hours and for miles,
You’re my penny on a sidewalk,
The castle at the end of my beanstalk;
Not a single bad moment with you
I both hate and love you;
And ‘cause you deserve the best on your way,
I hope you have a Happy Birthday <3


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