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Apr 20, 2011


Sometimes I wish
That I could just fall into your arms,
Wide open, forever,
I wish I could just surrender.
I wish what we say to each other
Was our reality
And that the intimacy
Lasted forever.

I wish that the hugs we share
Would quench my longing for you
But circumstances aren't that fair-
Every look between us
Illicits a cartwheel in my heart
And at times, it's hard to differentiate
Between the love I feel for you
And the love I feel for how we are.

And I wish
I could stop wishing for all this;
When you repaint Mona Lisa
It's just not the same, now, is it?
Let's just freeze these moments right here
And hope that it nothing changes this happiness
Between us, this sense of harmony
Because anything more
Would just be unnatural.
I wish for this wish
To be lost in the sea of hopes and dreams
That, if they came true,
Would change us 'til we're bursting at the seams.


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