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Apr 7, 2011

100th Post, Happy Birthday SM!

This is my 100th post on this beloved blog that has helped prop me up and go through a lot. It's a bloodbank of memories and pains and moments that are meant to be etched in my head forever!

I wrote a poem for a close friend of mine, who's birthday was on the 7th, initials: SM

I wrote this for you :)
(on your card!)

You’ve got me wishing we had
More time by our side
Because being your friend                          
Is like a rollercoaster ride:
Everytime I go down and I’m alone
You enter the picture
And the world goes up once more.
Our banter makes me smile
For hours and for miles,
You’re my penny on a sidewalk,
The castle at the end of my beanstalk;
Not a single bad moment with you
I both hate and love you;
And ‘cause you deserve the best on your way,
I hope you have a Happy Birthday <3


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