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Apr 27, 2011

Leaves aren't leaves
If not propped up by branches
And when those branches fall apart,
They come flying to the ground
Trailing in circles,
Drifting with the wind
Always looking, looking, looking...

Like I look.

I look for that happiness
I used to see on your faces
Whenever I'd smile to make you smile.
I look for that relief that was evident
When I'd be with you for a while
When we'd make memories out of nothing;
But the branches have all fallen apart
I'm just drifting in air,
Being carried somewhere, oh I don't know where-
Just drifting, looking,
To see if anyone still cares as strongly as they did.

Maybe I'm just like bread
That depreciates with age
No one cares about it
Past its expiration date.
What if my best-until date
Has gone by
What if the branches have snapped
What if I'm broken and zapped
Just floating in the air
That whips aroudn your hair.

Do they treasure me
Like I treasure them?
I don't seem to know.


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