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May 5, 2011

Senseless Tunes

Too to doo do doo do doo
I feel like flying in the sky with you,
And pretend we're aeroplanes;
Oh dum dee dum dee dum
Let's go underwater and hum
The songs that I want to sing to you.

Let's jump over the moon,
Lie still in water like a spoon,
Or lets roll in the hilly grass
Lay on our backs and watch birds pass,
Oh let's dance in the night
With our spirits taking flight,
I want to swim through the air,
Run my fingers through your hair!

Because maybe now
I should confess
Whenever we talk,
My heart just starts beating a bit too fast!
I like the way it feels,
The way my head reels,
Even hours after you've gone.
Oh oh,
You know, you know,
I'd love to to just embrace you
Until its perfectly true
That I've expressed way too much to you =)


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