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May 26, 2011

The Big Bang

I found it, what they've been searching for,
The proof of the Big Bang,
In my hands lies this discovery
And I can't wait to throw it away.

What happened?
Why couldn't I just stay in one place?
Appreciating that the world stays the same;
But of course it doesn't.

It was just our family, it was my world
And then we played some Wife Swap
It became a permanent fixation,
And the world grew as my eyes opened.

The child that was once me
Saw the gruesome face of life
And the universe expanded
With the smear of red on a bread knife

Aeroplane over the deep blue sea
It brought upon a paradigm shift
No it wasnt just us here in Milwaukee
For I learnt about The Rest Of The World.

Growing, fighting, loving
And the planets start to lean away
When once we were talking
Now we're strangers, day by day

Oh then that feeling, like loving,
With you standing so close to me
I could whisper in silence
You would hear it, as if I were screaming

With the stretch of my fingers
I can brush through your hair
But we're standing on two planets
And they're both moving away

Watching as the distance elongates,
As the asteroid belts come in place
As we reach two suns at the Universe's polar ends
It's true, the Universe expands every day.

Now you see,
The scientific proof laid out in front of you
What was once a theory
I've shown you that it is true.

The Big Bang is real, I see it everyday
We move so far away;
And I hope they're right about that Big Crunch
Because I hope to hold you again.


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