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Jan 27, 2010

9) Whirlpool

Only through experiences do we learn,
The complexity with which life can toss and churn,
How the energy of the waves runs down our face,
How in sorrow we are but a black hole in outer space-
And the pluck of this hurt,
That throws itself against our happiness,
An onslaught of anger and grief
Berating our contendedness.

Like the work of the wind,
These emotions war on our happy souls,
Dragging with it's flow: the essence of a smile,
And leaving behind only bleeding holes.
Like a disease, a virus, a breakthrough,
Sadness erodes all peace.
We can only hope for the famine to cease,
For you to embrace happiness,
Yet you're too far gone,
You tell me so with your snappiness.
Your whirpool blackens,
And walls crumble.
Your whirpool strengthens,
And hopes tumble.
Your whirpool wins,
And birds flee,
Your whirpool dies,
And we cry in glee.


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