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Dec 20, 2009

Poem # 11 Imaginary Skin

Imaginary Skin

What would I do to reverse the ebb of time?
To rewind these waves that hide secrecy and crime,
To go back to the political epoch I met you at,
It was behind your tuxedo-clad self that I sat,
Scared and nervous, I sought your help,
You saw through the frizzy hair and the eyes of kelp-
And I swear, for a moment, I felt you touch my heart.
Maybe I never realized it, but I remember how it gave a start
At the intensity of your fiercely proud, humanitarian gaze,
All my protective defences you succeeded to raze.

How queer is it that now I am in love,
You are everything I see in God, Earth and Dove,
You are the human I wish all men could be,
The epitome of wonder I wish was a sight to see.
It’s tiring for me to just imagine you now,
Because this distance just forces us apart, and I know not how
I can dream of caressing that skin I glimpse
In my softest daydreams of how my soul for you limps-
Limps up the pedestal, running to you,
Young I may be, but the strangeness I feel is so true.

Content I am now seeing the words you send me,
The brightest part of my day is how your e-mails set me free,
But I’m sombre – I’d do just about anything to grin;
Just to get a chance to bring to life your imaginary skin.


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