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Dec 20, 2009

Poem # 10 Hallowe'en

Hallow’s Eve

Her bald nose protruding, condescendingly, she sees
The little town children are all asleep!
Sighing, her eyes twinkle – her sisters have done well,
For the town is as silent as death; not a croak, nor a beep.
And she flings a crevasse into the icy cadaver-
Her voice reverberates in a sordid cackle,
Signalling the season of Fear to skirmish and shackle!

Her warty demeanour brings forth two more like her,

Foul, ugly and rotting – three witches, coated with fur,
And now raise the werewolves; dogs howling into the sky-
For the moon is a pale circle the blinded wolves try to pry.
The witches swing in motion to find the fire-elves,

Who shall creep into the houses and set ablaze all shelves,
Their brooms fly across the sky and they meet the Devil,
He swings his trident – he is as sour as a Seville,
And lo! Fear coats the town like rust,
The children shake in their beds – protect themselves, they must!
For ghouls and gnomes and goblins are there,
Creating havoc in their very own air!
Wild beasts they are, but this is the one time they are free-
Free from their virtual hell; on this eve they come to Be,
To live, to laugh, for this is the one annual chance they have,
To reclaim the empire that was once theirs – Transylvania, Slav...
This freedom tastes like sweet elixir to them,
To the pumpkins, the ghosts, the vampires, the Witches of Salem,
To all beasts unknown, to those fairytale villains,
This eve is a night in tribute to them!

So they wander free and live like the good old days,
When the world was in their hands, and it succumbed to their ways,
When the town women wept, running, shielding their children,

When men screamed in cursed pain, rounding their cattle and hen,
O this night – what a wonder for these trapped entities,
For when it is up, Man once more frees
His own empire, and downs this ancient magic,
The tale of these beasts is rather tragic.

****I wrote this for a Halloween Poetry Competition a Hogwarts group I am a part of on Shelfari have every season. Was a runner up!****


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