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Dec 3, 2009

Introduction to My Uber-Awesome Blog ;)

Hey! Just going to say Bonjour and Welcome to my Blog. I find that as my life goes by, I get fed up or overexcited at time. My true art really is in words, because I'm a creative palette. I just love to write.....I'm into the visual arts. So technically, this is a good key into my thoughts, my mood, my mind. Title is a tad dim, but I'm bored at the moment and eager to share my poems with the world.

First, I'd appreciate if you comment. Constructive criticism and even compliments work. I just need a bit of love to know that I'm good, if I am. Thank GOD that there is a vent!

An intorduction to me, first of all: I'm crazy and I love to write. I'm Indian, and at the moment in 10th grade, so really busy. I love to read all sorts of books, all the way from Meg Cabot to Cornelia Funke to Melissa Marr. And yes -- I have read the Twilight, Percy Jackson and Harry Potter series. I'm in love with depression - books on depression (Noughts and Crosses!), song on depression (Evanescence rocks!) and just generally, stories.

I'm on fanfiction too :)


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