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Dec 21, 2009

Poem # 17 Such Sweet Release

Dedicated to my friend, Toria Mason, in her times of sadness ♥

Such Sweet Release

She wants to move
She wants to breathe
But the world is both cruel and lithe.
Her heart is broken
Her eyes are wet
She wakes at night in tears and sweat.
Her destiny is fogged
By her own desire to die
While the passive onlookers simply spy.
Her pain is trapped
Her life is mapped
And her sad, bleeding lips are chapped.
The world is immune
To her vast misery
Refuge – solace – nothing in treasury.

So she let’s the tears run down her face
She let’s her body bleed with her pain
She wanders without happiness or soul
In her chest, there is a sucking black hole.
Until the day she wrote,
She was walking death,
Like a personification of Sarabeth.
But the words that came-
They sang beauty
And it was her turn to break hearts, dead and sooty.
Her pain, so piercing and intense,
In the form of words speak
It leaves us with shaking knees weak.
She’s found a way
To voice her death
To find the sweetness of her breath
She’s alive again
Watching flowers and bees,
Awake because she has found such sweet release.


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