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Dec 20, 2009

Poem # 7 Nothing Compares

Nothing Compares

Nothing compares
To the saddened glow of the weeping moon,
Or the humming tattoo of the cold rain on your hair,
Or the wilt of the beautiful, large-budded rose,
Or the skim of the shooting star across the cold sky,
Or the calm breeze, whispering in its listlessness,
Or the silent ghosts, glimmering in wan wistlessness,
Or the drum of nailed fingers upon a wooden desk,
Or the wet beat of a pumping heart inside the ribcage,
Or the strangled cries of a hurt human child,

Nothing compares
To human misery
To human happiness
To human attrocity
To human slap-dashiness

Nothing compares
To me,
For as long as I fly in my sky,
I'm all the world can see.


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