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Dec 21, 2009

Poem # 15 Not My Skin

Not My Skin
This is not my skin-
Coarse, riddled, like melon rind.
This is not my hair
Two strings of ribbon tied around my head.
This is not my nose,
Halved and jewelled and insignificant.
These are not my lashes,
Covered and suppressed, so invisible.

The only hint of me are the eyes,
Hollowed holes; only they let my soul bare.
Otherwise, my face is covered,
And none of the skin shows if I’m shocked from a scare.

It takes effort to pull off this suffocating skin,
Inch by inch, the material parts with my pelt-
And when the strangulating suction is no more,
I look at the beautiful mask in my hands and sigh,
The sophistication
The beauty
The otherworldly demeanour
The bright jewels,
It’s not my skin.


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