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Dec 20, 2009

Poem #1: Parting Humanity

Parting Humanity
When the world turns its back on you

Refusing to hear your reasons and pleas

Turns a blind eye to your kneeling cadaver

To your bruised neck, your ripped knees

A broken, musty whimper from your lips

Breaks the solid, merciless silence

Grief envelops your corpse like a plague

And you quiver; the shiver numbs your sense

Darkness is like a soft blanket now

So soothing, so safe, so incalculable

Death is only a short way away

The finality of the unknown is so infallible

Won’t the tears convince them at all?

Won’t the harsh, staccato sobs reach their heart?

Isn’t the innocence so nakedly pasted on your face?

Or is human and humane ready to part?


Recruitment Consultant said...

So poignant...I feel your pain.

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