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Dec 21, 2009

---A Little Intermission---


I've been spending the whole day uploading all my dang poems I ever posted on Shelfari. It' s made me appreciate the fact that I [oh boy] write a lot. Like seriously!

We shall interrupt this constant flow of poetry with a dream I had yesterday night!

For some random reason, I was admitted to Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital [only those who see House MD will get it] because I was unable to breathe. Because I wasn't asthmatic or angiodemis or sarcoidosic or anything, I was admitted to the Diagnostics department because nobody knew what was wrong with me [House took my case! Dr House! With Foreman, Cameron and Chase -- I know, I'm a Season 1-3 fanatic!]. Halfway through the dream, there was a rather painful pressure on my bladder [middle of the night, I really really needed to pee, but I'm uncomfortable going to pee in the night. The darkness scares me. Kudos my friends for embossing those scary movies in my head!], and it was mild in the beginning. The dream changed so that I was in the lobby of a hotel and my mother was with me. I started blabbering to her "Mommy, I don't think it's a respiratory problem ----- mummy, I think it's my kidneys.......they need to do a biopsy, they should!......they should put me on dialysis!" But she didn't listen to me, rolling her eyes. "Go and do the health test, Ash" she said to me. Then she asks me to explain why and I say "I don't think my kidney is filtering urea properly. I think that because of the urea concentration, my cells are burning up and there is no room for oxygen, making my alveloi in my lungs emphysemic! Mum, a kidney is an endocrine gland and it's not secreting my hormones anymore![this statement is TOTALLY wrong, Kidney's not endocrine, pancreas are!]" Again, and I roll from mum and gestures toward the health cubicle.

So I walk over to a cubicle for some health test and realize that the person testing me in my Physics teacher [wow!]. I'm not weirded down, so bored, I wait for the test to get over. But after talking to mum, the painful pressure in my bladder increases and I'm bursting, but somehow it makes me incapable of normal speech, so I lapse into a coma. I wake up and I'm looking for Dr House so as to tell him about my kidney theory. I find him in random places all over the hospital, as if he's trying to avoid me, but I'm always on a bed in half sleep and I can't say a word because the painful-bladder-pressure is worsening.

Finally, I wake up and the Diagnostics team tells me that I'm free to go because there's nothing wrong with me. The pain in my bladder has receded fairly, so I believe them, but not really. I'm convinced to talked to House. Before my mum and I leave the hospital, I find him near a window and I talk to him. "I don't think I'm clear to go, Dr House," I say shakily. "I think I have a kidney problem, and that it's something rather than nothing."

House: "You're doubting our excellent diagnostics skills? You must be sane" ::rolls eyes::

Me: "I'm ready for a job in the same field you practice, sir. I think it's a kidney problem."

House: "What's there to prove it, then?"

----------Then suddenly, a white hospital gown appears over my person, replacing my funky leaving-the-hospital clothes. There is a red patch forming on the white cloth above the skin under which my left kidney should usually be. House's eyes widen.

House: "What's....what's that?" ::scared::

Me: ::looks at blood in horror:: ::screams shrilly as the bladder pain is back:: ::finds it hard to breathe:: ::is taking harsh, shrill breaths of air and throat is closing::

House: "NURSE!"

Me: "I t-told's m-my's n-not filtering u-urea......the u-urea is making it imPOSible to take in room....I t-told you!.....y-you should have done a biopsy when I said! You should h-have put me on DIALYSIS!" [capitals are because I'm screaming cuz of the pain]

House: ::looks scared:: But I don't understand. Why isn't it filtering urea? You either have a kidney tumour or a cancerous cyst [I'm referring to Season 5 some ep, where this dude has a bezoar in his tummy] which could be tampering with your filtration fuction!"

Me: ::collapses after touching blood on my side and shortness of breath::

----------I wake up five minutes later being carried around everywhere on a Hospital Bed, people screaming "OUT OF THE WAY! SHE NEEDS THE I.C.U NOW!" and everyone around me. House looks down at me with a grave expression and then at my mum who is crying.



House: ::looks grave:: Her kidney imploded


And that's where my colourful dream ended, cuz I had to go pee! Seems like crazy dreams come when you're at your most desperate ^.^

Comments on what the dream may mean? ;) Do tell!


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