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Dec 21, 2009

Poem # 14

A Change of Age

I'll miss how the world came tumbling down
I'll miss how every fall just made me laugh
And run away, run away from the things that stay.
I'll miss how the worries didn't exist
I'll miss how the littlest things I couldn't resist
Feeling, feeling them and inwardly reeling.
Now I hole up inside my own head,
Burrowed in the labyrinth of my own emotion
This life is going so far ahead, the fires it fed....
The claustrophobia is killing me so softly
And slowly these troubles make me feel asphyxiated
And so hated, love abated, sense debated...
If you knew, girl, what it was like to be like me
You too would cry and scream in fear
If you knew, girl, how my mistakes could have
Been reversed if I'd never made them from right here
You too would have listened,
When I told you to get ready,
You too would have paid attention,
When I said this life's only for the eveready,
You too could have been saved
If you'd listened to my ‘please’ the first time,
You too wouldn't need to feel that pain
If you could have told a cent apart from a dime.


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