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Dec 20, 2009

Poem # 9 Listen to the Magic


Hush, insignificant child,
Try to listen to the croak of the Ravens,
Their sheer screeches and red eyes pulsing,
Danger that pushes through their veins.
Vile creatures, o’ the night-
Hear their screams of threat.
Hush, child.

To the death that surrounds you like soul-
The hope that the earth leaks
The hearth the fire presents
The calm and tranquil the water breathes,
The mobility of the lively air,
The enormous leap of the spirit:-

Hush, child. Tend to only those matters,
That you know your young soul can feel,
For there is magic here invisible to you,
But oh so visible to me.

****Dedicated to the House of Night, Untamed! The bit where Zoey feels the Spirit of the Raven Mockers in the air =D****


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