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Nov 28, 2010

To Be Free!

With the viscous pulls on my wings,
Stay rooted firmly, on the ground,
Shaking uncontrollably,
The rebellious streak lying unfound;
Though you know you cannot deny me
The fortunes I deserve,
I remain bound by your lack of diplomacy,
Lost in a reserve.
You ask of me to fly with my wings tied,
Ask of me to smile in venomous bile,
Having robbed me of the need
To want to live in happiness indeed!

The things you do to me
Blind me to the point I cannot see,
You demand of me so much more
When you've taken away my tools and left my heart sore.

And now I long,
With every beat of a song,
To be free
Of your tyranny,
And every sucking pull
Chafes my face like wool
So much so that tears burn
My sore face as my stomach might churn-

For the day when I can fly
With my wings untied
And smile with all my heart
Sans the feeling that part of me just died.


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